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Dog Genetic Testing

Discover the secrets of your dog's DNA

Have you ever wondered what breeds your mixed-breed dog is, or if he may be genetically predisposed to certain illnesses? Scappoose Veterinary Hospital can answer these questions with dog DNA testing.

With a simple blood test we can:

  • Identify canine breed mix and specific needs for a more precise nutritional consideration.
  • Know a more accurate adult weight range for overall health maintenance.
  • Understand genetic markers that could signal a predisposition to certain health conditions.

Plus, it would be great just to know your dog's history and what helps make him who he is today! The turn around time for genetic test results is about 2 weeks.

Can you guess Reagan's Breed? Find out here!

Contact us at Scappoose Veterinary Hospital or request an appointment online to test your dog's genetics.

Genetic Testing for Dogs

Scappoose Veterinary Hospital